The Coolest Airport Hotel In NZ

Hotels are underrated. They are a means to rest your weary mind, body, and soul after a long day of exploring. Hotel rooms are short-term, temporary, and ad interim — definitely suitable for the business class.

As such, most well-travelled fliers tend to stick to the regular hotels that they book over and over again for each successive trip. These hotel rooms, while perfect for the task at hand, usually lack warmth and energy — which entails a rather bleak affair.

If this isn’t the kind of atmosphere you’d want to be immersed in at the end of a long meeting, look no further than the Naumi Hotel Auckland Airport.

Designer & Artist Inspired Naumi Hotel Auckland Airport

Naumi Hotel Auckland Airport is placed in the old facility of the Hotel Grand Chancellor Auckland Airport and welcomed the first wave of guests through its doors in 2018.

A hallmark of the Naumi Hotel line lies in its insistence on taking the design route with their suites. Here, their 193 spacious rooms draw inspiration from various themes including New Zealand’s native Tui bird. For the rest, the five-room types comprise an eclectic mix of furnishing and differing designs.

The Naumi Hotel suites include the Habitat suite, the Oasis suite, the Blush suite, as well as Dottie and Ziggy — the latter two being their most recent additions.

  • The Ziggy suite: Featuring a bright and enchanting allure, this suite was inspired by the Italian fashion house, Missoni’s innovative use of patterns (stripes) and colour to create their signature print.
  • The Dottie suite: Inspired by Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama, Dottie is a suite which radiates whimsical energy. Polka dots, in particular, is a common theme as evidently found in most of Kusama-san’s art installations and sculptures.

Address: 153 Kirkbride Rd, Mangere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand

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