Working From Home is In Vogue

These days, working from home has never been more relevant to the working class. Certainly, the global Covid-19 pandemic has contributed towards today’s mass toilet-paper-buying, grocery-store-shelf-clearing climate as seen in most places seriously stricken by the wide-reaching coronavirus.

In light of this nearly unprecedented worldwide catastrophe, companies have begun to roll out working from home policies in order to protect their most valued assets — the workforce themselves. That, of course, is dependent on if the nature of the business allows for a shift in a working environment.

Working From Home is Now More Widely Accepted Than Ever Before

Indeed, working from home is one of the more effective ways to stave of the widespread disease. But in that sense, working remotely does also afford plenty of benefits for the employees. Among them is increased productivity, flexible scheduling, working in a comfortable home environment, avoiding the gridlock and commuting, saving time and money, etc. 

Most importantly, working from home gives one the unique advantage of having full access to their refrigerators 24/7!

Though, this doesn’t mean you should opt for the easy-to-reach albeit unhealthy snacks when you work from home. Far from it, this is the best time to start practising a healthy diet as your kitchen and fridge will be more readily accessible to you. Plus, the time you’ve saved on commuting to and fro the office can be instead rerouted to use to cook your meals!

But if prying yourself away from your work desk in the midst of a burst of productivity to cook a meal seems impossible, there are ways to still get your hands on a wholesome, nutritious meal. The keyword being meal prepping.

In essence, plan ahead. Cook and prepare your workday lunches in a batch ahead of time instead of cooking every single day. You can then reheat it or even have it chilled during lunch on weekdays. With the right recipes, it really doesn’t take too long to prep a week’s worth of lunches.

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